Action Shots

2017 Varsity Football Action Shots

Lone Star Football Nation action shots are photographed by Victor Diaz for home games at no charge to the booster club. All actions shots can be seen on the website. If you are interested in pictures, please email me ( I also do custom posters. See poster examples.


2017 Season

Spring Game

Rangers Blue vs White

Rangers 7on7 at Liberty



Rangers 7on7 at Heritage




Rangers 7on7 at Wakeland


Rangers 7on7 at Reedy



Rangers 7on7 at Nationals



2016 Season

Spring Game

Rangers Blue vs White

7on7 SQT click here

Game 1 vs Heritage

Rangers vs Heritage - Cheer/Rettes

Rangers vs Heritage - Pregame

Rangers vs Heritage - 1st half

Rangers vs Heritage - 2nd half

Game 2 vs Mansfield Timberview

Rangers vs Mansfield - Cheer/Rettes

Rangers vs Mansfield - Pregame

Rangers vs Mansfield - 1st half

Rangers vs Mansfield - 2nd half

Game 3 vs LoveJoy

Rangers vs LoveJoy - Cheer/Rettes

Rangers vs LoveJoy - Pregame

Rangers vs LoveJoy - 1st half

Rangers vs LoveJoy - 2nd half

Game 5 vs Frisco

Rangers vs Frisco Pregame

Rangers vs Frisco 1st half

Rangers vs Frisco 2nd half

Rangers vs Frisco Halftime

Rangers vs Frisco Cheer_Rettes

Game 6 vs Liberty

Rangers vs Liberty Pregame

Rangers vs Liberty 1st half

Rangers vs Liberty 2nd half

Game 7 vs Wakeland

Rangers vs Wakeland Pregame

Rangers vs Wakeland 1st half

Rangers vs Wakeland 2nd half

Game 8 vs Centennial

Rangers vs Centennial Pregame

Rangers vs Centennial 1sta half

Rangers vs Centennial 1stb half

Rangers vs Centennial 2nd half

Game 9 vs Reedy

Rangers vs Reedy Pregame

Rangers vs Reedy

Game 10 vs Independence

Rangers vs Independence 1sthalf

Rangers vs Independence 2ndhalf

Senior Night

Playoffs BI-District

Rangers vs Little Elm 1sthalf

Rangers vs Little Elm 2ndhalf